Business Owner Websites Challenge

Your business website should work for you – not be just a “pretty face” – and to do that it needs…

Small Business Websites - eBiz Network


A webmaster keeps sites maintained while site owners focus on their business.

Small Business Websites - eBiz Network


Business can grow rapidly when site issues are addressed promptly and efficiently.

Small Business Websites - eBiz Network


Prompt updates help prevent hackers and daily offsite backups give peace-of-mind.

Small Business Websites - eBiz Network


Whether your site has 10 or a 1M+ visitors, our plans are flexible for your future growth.

Professionally designed custom business websites can be hard on the budget.

And most entrepreneurs do not know how to structure an effective website.

Plus, there is the issue of ongoing support and maintenance.

So we created the…

eBiz Solution

Professionally Managed Premium Business Website Network

Our Simple Flexible Plan

We handle your site’s design, development, hosting, security + ongoing support.

For 10% down, we spread the total cost over the course of one year.

Use your own domain name and have access to control your website activity.


Small Business Websites - eBiz Network

We build, host and launch your website custom-designed to suit your needs. 10% down, balance divided into 11 monthly payments.


Small Business Websites - eBiz Network

We keep your site running smooth. You have access for new content or products additions, revisions or ecommerce activity.


Small Business Websites - eBiz Network

If needs change, new features or functions can be added easily for 10% down and adjustment to monthly rate.

Just want to accept online payments?

There are many options for businesses to get paid online, and that’s good news. Making it easier for your clients or customers to employ faster, easier ways to pay you adds convenience and reliable cash flow.

The challenge is to navigate the landscape of online payment solutions to find the best option for your particular business. Online retail sales have a variety of options, and most website apps are geared toward product sales. But those options need to be tailored for businesses that collect payment for services that have different monthly amounts, or amounts that differ from customer to customer.

Some businesses already have websites, and some don’t have or need a website – but many would like to take online payments for goods or services. We have options to suit any business!