The process is simple.

  1. Request a quote based on the type of website and functionality needed for your online business.
  2. Review the quote presented and approve, alter or decline – there is no obligation.
  3. If approved, 10% of quote is paid upfront, with the balance divided into (11) equal monthly payments.
  4. Your site is scheduled and an estimated launch date provided.
  5. Site is reviewed by you, and tweaked or revised as needed.
  6. If additional features/functionality are desired during development, quote balance can be adjusted accordingly.
  7. Once final review is approved, site is launched and your eBiz goes live!
  8. First monthly payment is due the day prior to live launch.
  9. Subsequent payments are auto-recurring via subscription.

The terms are simple.

  1. eBiz builds and hosts your website.
  2. Your site remains hosted on eBiz servers until balance is paid in full.
  3. eBiz provides maintenance, updates, support, security monitoring, and offsite daily/weekly/monthly backups.
  4. Should recurring payment fail 3 times, your site is suspended for public view pending payment.
  5. When balance is paid in full, continuing service for a monthly maintenance/support fee is required to remain in the network.
  6. You may move your website to a different web host when balance is paid in full. All site files and database will be provided to do so, or eBiz webmaster can move your site for an additional fee.

The benefits are huge.

  1. We do all the heavy lifting to build your site – all royalty-free graphics, custom tools, software licenses, design and development.
  2. We host your site on our secure, dedicated server.
  3. We update and support your site.
  4. We perform daily external backups of your database, weekly backups of all files, and monthly full backups.
  5. We install security measures to ward off malware, brute-force attacks, hacker attacks, and monitor your site 24/7. More importantly, we restore your site in the event of an issue.
  6. If you decide you need to add new features, we present a new quote – same process (10% upfront/balance added to remaining monthly payments and term extended if warranted).

You can go it alone – or with a Webmaster to handle the chaos!